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B & H Machine and Repair Shop
Machine and Repair Shop
Machine and Repair Shop


B & H Machine and Repair LLC , serving Jacksonville, North East Florida and South Georgia since May 2006.

B & H Machine and Repair LLC has over 50 combined years of experience in all types of Industrial machine repairs. We work closely with our customer to understand their needs and strive to help them. We reverse-engineer and make replacement parts from sample or drawing. We understand forced outage situations and the need to expedite when necessary. 

Opening Hours:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

After Hour Emergency: 

Call 904-588-5661, 904-755-7526​

920 US 301 N, Baldwin

FLORIDA, 32234

PHONE: 1- (904) - 378 - 9993
FAX     : 1- (904) - 378 -  9969


About Us

We service all types on industries such as aluminum can manufacture, glass bottle, printing, wire manufacture, steel mill, mining, wood chip mill, mulch manufacture, power generation, pump and compressor, paper mill, marine,heavy equipment and more. 

We specialize in manufacturing and/or repair of the one of a kind special hard to find types parts. We also have the CNC capability for the production parts. 

We also do on-site machining when you can't move the part needing repairs. We build special tooling when required to achieve the most challenging on site and in shop machining job.

If you are in need of a machine and welding shop give us a call and see how we can help. 

" We Strive for Quality and On Time Delivery."




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